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Generate Text from an Idea or Plan

Learn how to generate text from an idea or plan using Copilot. Whether you prefer writing with or without assistance, this video will guide you through drafting a document in Microsoft Word. Discover the convenience of the prompt feature and unleash your creativity with Copilot.

  • 2:51

Rewrite or Summarize Existing Text with Copilot

Discover how to rewrite or summarize existing text with Copilot. Microsoft Copilot for Word provides multiple ways to rework your documents. Learn how to rephrase blocks or the entire document with just a few clicks. Find out how this feature can help you improve your writing and save time.

  • 2:29

Draft Content Based on an Existing Document with Copilot

Learn how to draft content based on an existing document with Copilot. Discover how Copilot in Word can generate content from other files, such as Word or PowerPoint files stored on OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint. Watch this video to learn how to summarize the content of a document, like one about climate change, using Copilot.

  • 2:15

Add a Table from Text with Copilot

Learn how to add a table from text with Copilot. Copilot allows you to generate an automatic table from a document and modify it using your prompts. Watch this video to see how you can quickly create tables from text with Copilot.

  • 1:39

Use the Copilot Conversation Pane in Word

Discover how to use the Copilot Conversation Pane in Word to answer your questions on a variety of topics. This feature allows you to directly solicit Copilot's assistance and provides a convenient way to access AI-driven content suggestions. Watch this video to learn how to open, resize, and utilize the Conversation pane in Word.

  • 1:56

Focus on priorities with the Immersive Reader

In this video, you will learn about the Immersive Reader and how it can help you focus on priorities when reading a Word document.
The Immersive Reader offers various features, such as focus mode, which eliminates distractions, and adjusting text weight to improve reading skills.
It also includes a writing aid.
You can customize the column widths, change the page color for easier reading, and highlight parts of the document to optimize concentration.
Additionally, you can adjust text spacing and enable or disable the syllable view.
Using the Immersive Reader will enhance your reading experience and help you prioritize important information.
  • 1:13

Check Accessibility in Word

In this video, you will learn about checking accessibility in Word.
The video covers how to use the "Check Accessibility" tool in Office 365 to test the readability of your document.
By going to the "Review" tab, you can access the tool and search for information that may be difficult to read for people with disabilities.
The tool provides an information pane with the results of the inspection and various errors that could hinder understanding.
You can troubleshoot errors and accessibility alerts by clicking on the arrow next to an issue and applying a fix with one click.
The main errors you may encounter are related to image alt text and the style of the document, including text contrast, fonts, and colors.
If your document contains tables or visual items with specific formatting, Word prompts you to check the reading order, headers, or split cells.
To be notified of accessibility issues in real time, you can select the "Keep accessibility checker running while I work" checkbox.
This video will help you ensure that your Word documents are accessible to all users, improving their readability and inclusivity.
  • 1:42

Accessibility in Word

In this video, you will learn about accessibility in Word using Microsoft 365. The video covers how to check accessibility in Word, focusing on priorities with the Immersive Reader.
This will help you improve the accessibility of your documents and make them more inclusive for all users.
  • 2:29

Pin your important files

In this video, you will learn how to pin your important files using Microsoft 365. The video demonstrates how to easily access and search for information in different places, such as the Office portal, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.
By highlighting a term and searching, you can quickly find relevant topics.
This tutorial will help you efficiently organize and locate your important files in Microsoft 365, improving your productivity and workflow.
  • 0:34

Translate Content in Word

In this video, you will learn how to translate content in Word using Microsoft 365. The video covers the steps to translate your documents into different languages, allowing you to communicate and collaborate effectively with native speakers.
This feature is a valuable tool for improving the quality of your communications.
By following the tutorial, you will gain the skills to easily translate your Word documents and enhance your accessibility.
This knowledge will help you communicate and interact in different languages, making your content available to a wider audience.
  • 2:04

Introduction to Word

In this video, you will learn about the introduction to word processing using Microsoft Word 2016. The video covers the interface layout, creating and formatting text, applying styles, making changes, and saving documents.
This will help you quickly create documents and become familiar with the features of Microsoft Word.
  • 0:59

Microsoft Search

In this video, you will learn about Microsoft Search in the Microsoft 365 environment.
The video covers the intelligent search feature in Microsoft 365, which allows you to find documents, images, videos, people, and conversations.
You can search through all your documents and access your most recently used documents with just a few clicks.
The search bar is located at the top of your Microsoft Office apps, and it is available on both web and desktop apps.
Additionally, you can use Microsoft Edge to run an online search in the Microsoft Bing search engine, searching not only the internet but also your entire Microsoft 365 account.
This powerful tool saves you time and improves efficiency in your searches.
Mastering Microsoft Search will help you find everything you need in your Microsoft 365 suite.
  • 0:34