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About DiLeaP 365 Training Platform

The Powerhouse Behind DiLeaP 365 Training

The DiLeaP 365 Training Platform, developed by Mandarine Academy, specializes in guiding digital transformation and tool adoption. It's designed to revolutionize learning, focusing on efficiency in skill acquisition, capacity building, time management, and budget optimization.

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DiLeaP 365: Revolutionizing Continuous Professional Learning

DiLeaP 365 Training Platform: Your go-to online learning destination, encompassing the full suite of Microsoft 365 applications. It's packed with a variety of resources tailored to help you get the hang of these essential workplace tools.

Self-guided use of the training platform is key, yet our additional services take learner support to the next level.

The Edge of Using DiLeaP 365 Training

DiLeaP 365 Training Platform: Your Gateway to Navigating and Mastering Microsoft 365's Collaborative Suite.

Distinctively Empowers You to:

  • Enhance user proficiency with Microsoft 365 solutions
  • Master daily tools with practical use cases and job-specific courses
  • Unlimited access to learning content anytime, anywhere
  • Engage with Microsoft 365 experts in our live training sessions
  • Monitor team progress with detailed usage reports
  • Keep up-to-date with Microsoft 365 software through our updated platform content

Access select content for free or explore licensed resources. Learn more by checking the DiLeaP 365 training platform pricing.

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Broaden Your Horizons with Our Extended Offers

Mandarine Academy also rolls out bespoke support solutions like DiLeaP, a training and support platform that's fully tailored and branded to echo your company's unique brand.

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The Rich Tapestry of DiLeaP 365 Content

Niche Courses and Career Learning Paths at Your Fingertips

Our content is neatly categorized by Level, Job, Topic, or Software for streamlined learning. Each learning path is a curated series of courses, with a dashboard to track your progress in real time.

Dive into courses featuring thematic video content, expert-led webinars, and replays for session reviews. Our platform boasts over 160 courses and learning paths, constantly evolving with fresh Microsoft 365 content monthly.

Real-World Scenario Videos at Your Service

Our bite-sized videos showcase Microsoft 365 products in real-world settings, helping users easily grasp how to apply these features practically.

Step-by-Step Video Guides for Mastery

Dive into our snappy Microsoft 365 videos for a hands-on tour of tool features. With over 1,200 videos available, mastering Microsoft 365 tools is just a click away.

A Community Hub for Sharing Pro Tips

DiLeaP 365's social network is your go-to spot for all things Microsoft 365. It's where users mingle, ask questions, and swap savvy tips with the wider community.

Your Dashboard for Management and Insights

Keep tabs on enrollments, user engagement, and trending resources with our intuitive dashboard.

Gamify Your Learning Experience

Our gamification system turns learning into an exciting quest. The more you explore, the more points and badges you rack up. Ready to take on the challenge?

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

DiLeaP 365's AI-driven recommendation engine personalizes your learning journey with resources that resonate with your profile, sparking curiosity and deeper engagement.

Step into the Role of a DiLeaP 365 Training Solution Reseller

Elevate your clients' digital transformation journey by providing a cutting-edge training solution for Microsoft 365 tools

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Live Training Sessions

Over 120 hours of dynamic live training with Microsoft experts

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Video Library

Access to an extensive collection of over 3,000 use case videos and tutorials

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Learn at Your Leisure

Round-the-clock access for learning at your own pace

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Track Your Learning Progress

Earn points and badges to monitor your learning milestones

Unlock New Business Horizons

  • Expand your migration and training offerings with our comprehensive platform
  • Foster your clients' mastery of Microsoft 365
  • Boost your recurring revenue stream
  • Capture and cultivate your established client base
  • Distinguish yourself from the competition with an innovative training offer

Craft a Tailor-Made Offer

  • Customize packages or service deals to align with your client's needs, integrating Microsoft 365, your expertise, DiLeaP 365 training platform, and other cutting-edge solutions
  • Get your hands on a bespoke DiLeaP 365 platform, branded just for you

Partnering with You Every Step of the Way

  • Our sales pros help you craft compelling service offers and pitches
  • A dedicated Customer Success Manager guides you through the Admin Console, from license allocation to user activity tracking
  • Our marketing mavens are ready to team up with you on standout marketing campaigns
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Serving Over 3,400 Companies Globally

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Training Over 1 Million Users in Digital Mastery

The DiLeaP 365 Training Platform is Respected and Recognized by:

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