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AI Videos Understanding Artificial Intelligence

What is Generative AI ?

Generative Artificial Intelligence, or generative AI, refers to a set of systems that use machine learning to produce results that are not merely predictions or decisions based on incoming data, but rather new data or information that was not explicitly present in the input data.

  • 2:40

History of Generative AI

Let's explore together the captivating evolution of generative AI. From its humble beginnings in the 1950s, through the era of neural networks in the 1980s, the explosion of Big Data at the turn of the millennium, to the rise of GANs and major advancements in the 2020s.

  • 5:27

Adaptation Strategies for Organizations and Individuals

In a world where generative AI redefines the boundaries of what is possible, how do we, as individuals, businesses, and governments, adapt to this new reality?

  • 3:49

Enabling Copilot Edge in the Enterprise Environment

Find out how to enable Copilot Edge in your corporate environment with the "Enabling Copilot Edge in the corporate environment" video.
This video will show you how to authorize access to Copilot in Edge for users in your organization.
You'll learn how to access the admin console on, modify search and intelligence settings, and enable Microsoft and Microsoft 365 search in Bing for your organization.
Once this configuration is complete, members of your organization will have access to Copilot in Microsoft Edge.
Don't miss this opportunity to discover Copilot's features and optimize your browsing experience with Edge Chromium.

  • 0:55

Accessing Copilot in Microsoft Edge

Find out how to easily access Copilot in Microsoft Edge with the "Accessing Copilot in Microsoft Edge" video.
You'll learn different ways to access it, including from the page, using the conversation menu at the top of the screen, or by visiting the page.
You can also access it via the Internet Edge browser by clicking on the Copilot icon in the top right-hand corner.
Watch this video to discover all the tips and features of Copilot in Microsoft Edge.

  • 0:35

Managing Privacy in Copilot Edge

Find out how to effectively manage Copilot Edge privacy in the "Copilot Edge Privacy Management" video.
Learn why it's essential to use a business account to protect your information, and how to access the interface with your business account.
Also find out how to check the security of your conversations and access Microsoft's privacy statement.
Don't miss this video to master best privacy practices with Copilot Edge.

  • 0:43

Personal Account vs. Professional Account

Discover the differences between a personal and a professional account in the video "Personal vs.
Business account" video.
Depending on your account type, you'll have access to different features in Edge, such as image generation, conversation history and site information.
Confidentiality is paramount in a business account, but you won't have conversation history or site information.
Examples of how to use Copilote will also vary according to your account, with suggestions for movies or travel ideas for a personal account, and ideas for cover letters or reaching goals for a business account.
Discover the differences and choose the account that best suits your needs in this video.

  • 0:56

Using Conversational AI Copilot Edge

Find out how to use Copilot Edge conversational AI in the "Using Copilot Edge conversational AI" video.
You'll learn how to ask questions, refine answers and interact creatively with Copilot.
Discover how to balance conversational styles for informative and friendly exchanges, or opt for a concise, straightforward approach.
You'll also see examples of interactions with Copilot, where it adapts according to the information provided.
Don't miss this opportunity to discover the benefits of conversational intelligences, and click on the refresh icon to generate a new conversation.

  • 1:13

Composing a Text with Copilot Edge

Find out how to write text easily with Copilot Edge in the video "Summarizing a video with Copilot Edge".
Copilot is an integrated tool in the Edge browser that lets you summarize YouTube videos.
Simply open the video in Edge, use the Copilot tool and request a summary.
This lets you check whether the points you're interested in are covered before watching the entire video.
Let Copilot do the summary, and if you're happy with it, you can watch the video to get all the details.
This video is ideal for Edge Chromium users who want to discover Copilot's features.

  • 1:37

Generating an Image with Copilot Edge

Find out how to generate images easily with Copilot Edge in the "Generate an image with Copilot Edge" video.
Use the integrated Copilot tool in Edge and ask it to create an image in conversation mode.
You can specify your criteria using natural language, such as asking for a Van Gogh-style rendering.
Once Copilot has produced the images, you can choose your favorite, enlarge it and save it to your computer.
Explore this innovative feature to create unique visuals in just a few clicks.

  • 0:58

Summarizing a PDF with Copilot Edge

Find out how to effectively summarize a PDF with Copilot Edge in the video "Summarizing a PDF with Copilot Edge".
Whether you have a PDF online or on your computer, you can use the integrated Copilot tool in Edge to get a quick summary.
Learn how to request an abstract, especially for scientific articles written in English.
Let Copilot do the work, and if you're happy with the summary, dive into the article to find out all the details.
With this trick, you'll save time and ensure that the important points of the PDF are covered.

  • 0:53

Summarizing a Video with Copilot Edge

Find out how to effectively summarize a video with Copilot Edge in the video "Summarizing a video with Copilot Edge".
Copilot is a browser-integrated tool that lets you browse a summary of a YouTube video before watching it in full.
Simply open the video in Edge, launch Copilot and ask it for a summary.
This way you can check whether the points you're interested in are covered.
Let Copilot do the summary and, if you're happy with it, watch the video to get all the details.
With Copilot Edge, you save time by making sure the video meets your expectations before you dive right in.

  • 0:53
Illustration Vidéos AI

Videos for Training in Generative AI


Dive into Generative AI, immerse yourself in its major trends, address the ethical and societal questions it raises, and get acquainted with current and upcoming regulations. Enhance your skills in prompt utilization, explore best practices, and become an agile content creator. Discover, learn, and master Generative AI with us.

Live Workshops with Real-World Scenarios and Case Studies


Discover Generative AI through an interactive approach: workshops. These live workshops aim to engage you in real-world scenarios through group activities, open discussions, and case studies. During these sessions, you'll delve into practical examples of AI applications across various fields, demonstrating its impact and relevance.
These workshops are designed for a diverse audience, from professionals keen on AI to those simply looking to learn more about this groundbreaking technology.

Illustration Ateliers
Illustration Service des métiers

Generative AI in Professional Fields


Generative AI is transforming our work approach by adapting to various professional fields, enhancing efficiency, creativity, and organizational structure. This groundbreaking technology boosts productivity and fosters creativity while optimizing professional organizational efficiency.

DiLeaP AI Tutor: Your Advanced Training Companion!


Experience tailored support throughout your learning journey with DiLeaP AI Tutor, our smart training assistant. Gain precise answers to your queries and access highly relevant training materials. Our assistant leverages AI to intuitively understand your needs and guide you effectively. Never feel alone in your educational journey. Advance at your own pace, bridge learning gaps, and maximize your study time with DiLeaP AI Tutor. Enjoy an unparalleled learning experience!

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