FAQ - Most Frequently Asked Questions

DiLeaP is an LMS platform developed by Mandarine Academy, a company specializing in training and change management. DiLeaP stands for "Digital Learning Platform" or "Digital Leap = the Leap into Digital." It is an LMS training platform, available online 24/7.

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Multiple Training Catalogs Available on DiLeaP:

Microsoft 365 Training Catalog featuring over 3,000 training videos and video conference sessions with expert trainers.
Explore the Business Central Training Catalog: Dive into Microsoft's Comprehensive ERP Solution.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training Catalog:  From grasping the essentials and strategic benefits of CSR to adopting Responsible Digital Practices for minimizing carbon footprint, our courses empower you to educate your team for a sustainable and responsible future.

We offer access subscriptions for various catalogs. Discover our pricing here.

Creating an account allows you to test the content before purchasing a subscription. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at: support@dileap.com

Absolutely, we offer tailored and personalized solutions for the unique needs of each business. Discover Mandarine Academy or contact us.