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Microsoft Video Training Copilot - Organizing and Managing Your Content with Copilot

Microsoft Video Training Copilot - Organizing and Managing Your Content with Copilot

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Training Theme

Dive into the world of Copilot for advanced mastery in structuring and presenting your ideas. Discover techniques for visually brainstorming with Microsoft Copilot integrated into Microsoft Whiteboard, efficiently organizing your information with OneNote, and enhancing your documents in Word. This course is specially designed to boost your content management skills and optimize your project organization.

Training Objectives

By the end of this training on Microsoft Copilot, you will be able to:

  • Conceptualize and visualize ideas with Microsoft Whiteboard.
  • Structure and synthesize information efficiently with Microsoft OneNote.
  • Enhance writing and layout skills with Microsoft Copilot for Word.
  • Optimize task organization and content management for increased productivity.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

Target Audience: Users looking to organize and draft content using AI Copilot
Starting Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: Be familiar with the main applications of the Microsoft 365 environment

Educational Methods Used

  • E-learning Modules: A selection of videos that will help you achieve the defined educational objective
  • Documents and other supports: Selection of information to communicate or educational activities to be carried out as part of this course.

Training Content

11 tutorial videos on Microsoft Copilot across 4 lessons

  • Introduction to Microsoft Copilot
    • What can Copilot do for you ? 
    • How to Access Copilot?
  • Copilot for Whiteboard
    • Generate and Organize Ideas with Copilot
    • Summarize the Content of a Note with Copilot
  • Copilot for OneNote
    • Summarize your Notes with Copilot
    • Create a Task List or Plan with Copilot
  • Copilot for Word
    • Generate Text from an Idea or Plan
    • Rewrite or Summarize Existing Text with Copilot
    • Draft Content Based on an Existing Document with Copilot
    • Add a Table from Text with Copilot
    • Use the Copilot Conversation Pane in Word

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More About Microsoft Copilot 365

Now you have the keys to organize your ideas and documents with agility through this course! Ready to go further? Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Copilot in the next course "Analyzing Data and Presenting with Copilot" to save even more time in your daily Excel data analysis and PowerPoint presentation creation. Transform numbers into strategies and slides into captivating stories. Become a master in the art of communicating with impact and precision without delay.

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