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Microsoft Video Training Copilot - Analyzing Your Data and Presenting with Copilot

Microsoft Video Training Copilot - Analyzing Your Data and Presenting with Copilot

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Training Theme

Unlock the potential of data analysis and the creation of impactful presentations with Copilot. This course guides you through interpreting complex data sets and transforming them into clear visualizations with Excel, while refining your presentation design skills with PowerPoint. Learn to communicate information visually and persuasively, leveraging artificial intelligence for data-informed decisions. Ideal for those looking to master data analysis and presentation with the aid of AI.

Training Objectives

By the end of this training on Microsoft Copilot, you will be able to:

  • Effectively analyze data with Excel in synergy with Copilot.
  • Design impactful presentations quickly with Microsoft Copilot for PowerPoint.
  • Evaluate and simplify decision-making through data analysis.
  • Quickly and effectively illustrate your analyses with AI-generated charts.

Prerequisites and Target Audience

Target Audience: Users looking to analyze and present data by combining AI Copilot with Excel and PowerPoint
Starting Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: Be familiar with the main applications of the Microsoft 365 environment

Educational Methods Used

  • E-learning Modules: A selection of videos that will help you achieve the defined educational objective
  • Documents and other supports: Selection of information to communicate or educational activities to be carried out as part of this course.

Training Content

10 tutorial videos on Microsoft Copilot across 3 lessons

  • Introduction to Microsoft Copilot
    • What can Copilot do for you ?
    • How to Access Copilot?
  • Copilot for PowerPoint
    • Create a Presentation with Copilot
    • Create a Presentation Based on an Existing Word Document
    • Summarize a Slideshow with Copilot
    • Energize and Structure a Presentation with Copilot
  • Copilot for Excel
    • Format Data with Copilot
    • Generate Formulas with Copilot
    • Short, Filter, and Analyze Data with Copilot
    • Generate a Chart with Copilot

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More About Microsoft Copilot 365

Microsoft Copilot is your advanced digital assistant, designed to boost your productivity. Integrated into your favorite tools like Microsoft Office apps and Teams, it simplifies a variety of tasks, from drafting emails to analyzing data, and organizing meetings. With artificial intelligence, Microsoft Copilot offers personalized suggestions, anticipating your needs and automating repetitive tasks. Benefit from an efficient collaborator that optimizes your productivity and simplifies your daily work, allowing you to save time and work smarter.

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