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Part 03 - Case Studies and Analysis

Part 03 - Case Studies and Analysis

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Training Theme 

The "Case Studies and Analysis" module offers an immersive journey through the fascinating world of generative AI, most notably ChatGPT. In this module, we analyze the impact of generative AI and its applications in sectors ranging from art to science, including design and agriculture. Using examples, you will be led to understand the transformation brought about by generative AI the challenges to be met, and how to navigate this rapidly evolving universe. The synergy between the presented case studies and in-depth analyses will provide learners with a comprehensive and balanced view of this disruptive technology.

Training Objectives 

By the end of this training, you will be able to: 

  • Identify concrete applications of generative AI across various fields.
  • Understand the benefits, challenges, and ethical implications of generative AI.
  • Explore the potentialities and limitations of generative AI in real-world contexts.

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence curious to discover case studies related to AI.
Startup Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Having followed the first two parts of the training on generative AI or possessing basic knowledge of AI.

Means and Methods 

  • Tutorial Videos: A series of selected videos will help you achieve the defined educational objectives.
  • Evaluation Quiz: A quiz will be provided at the end to validate your understanding.  

Training Content 

4 tutorial videos:

  • Chapter 1: Creative Symbiosis: When Generative AI Shapes Our Future
  • Chapter 2: Generative AI: Revolution, Efficiency, and Applications in the Modern World
  • Chapter 3: The Impact of AI in the World of Science
  • Chapter 4: Keys to Success, Pitfalls to Avoid, and Best Practices

1 Course Knowledge Validation Quiz 

Learn more about Generative AI: 

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, generative AI offers a new form of exploration for the world of research, industries, science, and even to redefine the limits of human creativity.

Education plays a key role in decoding the mysteries of AI especially when it comes to navigating its multifaceted societal implications. A deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms of AI, such as neural networks and deep learning, is essential. This knowledge allows for a critical analysis of AI's uses recognizing both the unprecedented opportunities it unveils and the inevitable challenges it imposes.

The program strongly emphasizes the central role of AI in data-driven decision-making providing participants with a concrete vision of its effectiveness in solving complex problems in various sectors. Beyond its practical application, the course also encourages reflection on the ethical aspects of AI highlighting the need to identify and correct possible biases in its systems thus ensuring a responsible and informed use of this powerful technology.

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