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Summarizing a PDF with Copilot Edge

Find out how to effectively summarize a PDF with Copilot Edge in the video "Summarizing a PDF with Copilot Edge".
Whether you have a PDF online or on your computer, you can use the integrated Copilot tool in Edge to get a quick summary.
Learn how to request an abstract, especially for scientific articles written in English.
Let Copilot do the work, and if you're happy with the summary, dive into the article to find out all the details.
With this trick, you'll save time and ensure that the important points of the PDF are covered.

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Summarizing a Video with Copilot Edge

Find out how to effectively summarize a video with Copilot Edge in the video "Summarizing a video with Copilot Edge".
Copilot is a browser-integrated tool that lets you browse a summary of a YouTube video before watching it in full.
Simply open the video in Edge, launch Copilot and ask it for a summary.
This way you can check whether the points you're interested in are covered.
Let Copilot do the summary and, if you're happy with it, watch the video to get all the details.
With Copilot Edge, you save time by making sure the video meets your expectations before you dive right in.

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Optimizing the Edge Experience with Copilot

Discover how to optimize your Edge experience with Copilot in the video "Optimizing the Edge experience with Copilot".
Learn how to sort and organize your open tabs in Edge using Copilot.
You can ask Copilot to group your similar tabs together and even use your microphone to give it instructions.
What's more, you can access this functionality directly in Edge via the tab actions menu.
Explore other features too, such as the ability to mark a tab as a favorite or switch to full screen.
Don't miss this exciting discovery to improve your productivity on Edge Chromium with Copilot.

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Importing and Processing Images with Copilot Edge

Find out how to import and process images with Copilot Edge in the video "Importing and processing images with Copilot Edge".
Learn how to add images, request item descriptions, generate conversations for each imported image, and even turn a portrait into an animated movie character.
Explore the powerful features of Copilot Edge and discover how to optimize your use of this artificial intelligence to enrich your visual projects.

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