Discover Microsoft Bookings

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Discover Microsoft Bookings

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Microsoft Bookings allows you to create a booking calendar for your different services.
The created calendar contains the list of your services with their schedules, runtime, and prices.

Your customers have access to a booking page to make an appointment by selecting one of the services you provide or even to pick a specific employee.

The intuitive Bookings booking system saves you time by making it easier for your customers to make appointments.

For your part, the reading of Bookings with the Outlook calendar allows you to better manage your availability and appointments and those of your employees.

Target audience:
Planning managers and service providers who want to simplify their booking system.

Startup level: 
Beginner and Intermediate

Self-master the basic uses of computer navigation and the ones of your computer

At the end of this course you will be able to create and manage shift schedules for staff and services


  • Know the usefulness of the Bookings calendar
  • Know how to manage and share it
  • Integrate Bookings into Microsoft Teams

Course outline:

  • Overview of Bookings
  • Create calendars
  • Add services and staff
  • Manage permissions and shares
  • Create custom fields
  • Book reservations
  • Integration with Teams

Context Elements:
Microsoft Bookings is an intuitive custom calendar creation service.
It allows you to offer your services whether physical or virtual. Bookings' nesting with Microsoft Teams creates an automatic virtual meeting link for each booking during a remote service. This link saves time during the appointment but also reduces unnecessary exchanges with your customers.
Bookings integrates custom fields that you create according to your needs. You will get all the necessary information for your service the minute your customer does the booking.
The association with Outlook helps you gain time and visibility in your schedule. It also allows customers to see availability when making an appointment on the booking page.
Whether for you or your customers, Microsoft Bookings saves you a lot of time thanks to its user-friendly features as they are related to the Office 365 suite.