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1-Hour Orientation Workshop with Learners or Sponsors

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Starting with 3 Tailored Remote Sessions from the DiLeaP 365 Training Catalog

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Small Group Sessions (1-8 Participants) with a Dedicated Expert Trainer

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Includes Access to DiLeaP 365 Self-Learning Platform (Premium License)

15 Years of Microsoft 365 Mastery


Over 15 years, Mandarine Academy has been a frontrunner in driving corporate digital transformation. Our standout approach is marked by a digital platform teeming with thousands of pre-built resources, enhancing proficiency in Microsoft tools. Prioritizing the human element, we invite you to join live video conferences with our seasoned Microsoft 365 trainers for interactive discussions and to address your everyday application queries.

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Custom-Designed Training Workshops with Expert Instructors


Opt for customized learning with our 90-minute individual sessions, designed specifically for your unique needs, enabling you to advance at your own pace. Tap into our extensive expertise to develop cutting-edge skills. Embrace the flexibility of online training. Our courses are fully remote, providing the ease of learning from anywhere, without geographical limitations.

Training Programs Eligible for OPCO Funding (Valid in France Only)


Our training programs are eligible for OPCO funding. This funding involves a fixed payment that can cover all or part of the training costs. Contact us to jointly set up your funding application.

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FAQ - Most Frequently Asked Questions

DiLeaP is an LMS platform developed by Mandarine Academy, a company specializing in training and change management. DiLeaP stands for "Digital Learning Platform" or "Digital Leap = the Leap into Digital." It is an LMS training platform, available online 24/7.

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Multiple Training Catalogs Available on DiLeaP:

Microsoft 365 Training Catalog featuring over 3,000 training videos and video conference sessions with expert trainers.
Explore the Business Central Training Catalog: Dive into Microsoft's Comprehensive ERP Solution.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Training Catalog:  From grasping the essentials and strategic benefits of CSR to adopting Responsible Digital Practices for minimizing carbon footprint, our courses empower you to educate your team for a sustainable and responsible future.

We offer access subscriptions for various catalogs. Discover our pricing here.

Creating an account allows you to test the content before purchasing a subscription. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at:

Absolutely, we offer tailored and personalized solutions for the unique needs of each business. Discover Mandarine Academy or contact us.