Use Case Project yourself in the global use of features



Lead a market study

In this video, you will learn about the intelligent search feature in Microsoft 365. The video covers the search tools in Microsoft 365, including searching on your computer, using Microsoft Search, finding content and people in SharePoint, searching your emails, and more.
This will help you save time and efficiently find documents, information, and even conversations within the Microsoft 365 suite.
Gain valuable insights on how to lead a market study using Microsoft 365.
  • 3:43

Prepare big events

In this video, you will learn how to prepare for big events using Microsoft 365. The video covers various aspects of event organization, including managing logistics, centralizing exchanges and actions, and adding a creative dimension to product presentations.
It demonstrates the use of tools like Yammer for communication and file sharing, Skype for online meetings, OneNote for note-taking and organization, and PowerPoint for creating engaging presentations.
This knowledge will help you successfully organize and execute big events, while also enhancing your SEO visibility.
  • 3:17

A marketing plan within a short period of time

In this video, you will learn about creating a marketing plan within a short period of time.
The video covers using Microsoft 365 tools like Skype, Whiteboard, OneNote, SharePoint, and PowerPoint to collaborate effectively with colleagues who are in different locations.
By utilizing these tools, you can share a Whiteboard to brainstorm ideas, save and integrate it with meeting minutes in OneNote, create a dedicated SharePoint space for files, and use PowerPoint's Presenter Mode to prepare for your presentation.
This collaborative approach will help you meet deadlines and ensure a successful marketing plan.
  • 3:14

Powerpoint - Creating and Publishing videos easily

In this video, you will learn about creating and publishing videos easily using PowerPoint.
The video demonstrates how to use the screen recording tool in PowerPoint to capture everything that happens on the screen and record your explanations at the same time.
It also shows how to adjust settings, cut the beginning of the video, and publish it directly on Stream.
By saving the PowerPoint and publishing it on platforms like Teams or Yammer, you can easily manage who can access the video.
This tutorial will save you time and help you catch your audience's attention.
  • 2:56

Use a smartphone to edit and adjust a presentation

In this video, you will learn how to use a smartphone to edit and adjust a presentation.
The video covers opening and editing a presentation using the Microsoft Office app, accessing files from multiple business SharePoint sites and OneDrive, searching for presentations, and using the PowerPoint app within the Microsoft Office app to view and edit slides.
This will help you make last-minute changes to your presentation without having to download the PowerPoint app to your smartphone.
The Microsoft Office app is user-friendly and allows you to easily find and edit all your office documents in one application.
With this tutorial, you can modify any document in a matter of minutes, enhancing your productivity.
  • 2:40