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Organizing a team’s tasks

In this video, you will learn about organizing a team's tasks using Microsoft 365. The video covers how to use Planner, an Office 365 application, to create a new plan for your project and organize tasks into different buckets.
You can assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, create checklists, and add descriptions or attachments.
The progress of the project can be easily monitored using the progress view or charts.
Planner offers simple organization possibilities for team collaboration and is seamlessly integrated with other Office 365 software.
This will help you effectively manage your team's tasks and improve productivity.
  • 4:53

Teamwork - Guiding and Organizing Your Business Activity

In this video, you will learn about teamwork and how to guide and organize your business activity using Microsoft 365. The video covers various topics such as task distribution, collaboration while out of the office, managing and tracking team activity on mobile phones, and giving new team members access to the activity planner.
This will help you improve communication, increase efficiency, and save time within your team.
  • 3:37