Webinar - How to drive Teams adoption?

Webinar - How to drive Teams adoption?

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Training Theme 

Microsoft has deployed its Teams collaborative work tool. Integrated with Office 365 and cloud-based, it enables employees to improve collaboration. They can use the application on their browser (web version), on their computer, tablet or mobile device. Yes, but... How to grasp these new ways of working in a team? How can we change mentalities? How do I use Teams effectively?

In this webinar, we discuss different phases to encourage acceptance of the use of Teams in business.

Training Objectives 

You want to know how to drive adoption of Microsoft Teams more easily.

At the end of this training, you will know:

  •     The steps to easily adopt this tool  
  •     How to take a transition approach

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.

Training Content 

1 Webcast

  • Introduction: Why use Teams?
  • How to organize the transformation
  • How to support teams
  • A few good practices
  • Conclusion