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Video Training Microsoft Viva Insights - Improving your well-being at work

Video Training Microsoft Viva Insights - Improving your well-being at work

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Training Theme 

Working in a digital environment can become exhausting and stressful, leaving little time for genuine breaks. With the pressure to complete tasks quickly, our workdays often become endless. This Viva Insights training offers an opportunity to regain control over our relationship with technology, encouraging us to segment our work time effectively. 

During this training, we will explore various aspects of Viva Insights: 

How Viva Insights seamlessly integrate into everyday applications like Microsoft Teams and Outlook? 

What types of information and services will be accessible based on your role within the company, be it an employee, manager, or executive? 

We will guide you in optimally utilizing Viva Insights features to ensure healthy and productive use of digital tools. 

Training Objectives 

In an increasingly hybrid context, it's crucial to rethink our relationship with digital tools. This training will facilitate an awareness in this regard. 

By the end of this training, you will be able to: 

  • Efficiently manage your work schedule 
  • Establish a boundary between professional and personal life 
  • Decode the analysis and recommendations provided by Viva Insights 
  • Activate levers for improvements in remote work 
  • Gain perspective on your habits 

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: It's preferable, but not necessary, to have basic global knowledge of the Microsoft 365 suite, notably Microsoft Teams and Outlook. 
Startup Level: A choice of a series of videos that will help you achieve the defined learning objective.
Prerequisite: It's preferable, but not necessary, to have the overall knowledge base of the Microsoft 365 solution, including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.
  • Documents and other materials: Additional information or educational activities to complement this course.  

Training Content 

12 video tutorials on Microsoft Viva Insights broken down into 4 lessons 

  • Introduction to Viva Insights 
    • Using Microsoft Viva Insights In Teams  
    • Exploring the Viva Insights interface  
  • Time and well-being management 
    • Setting your working hours  
    • Upholding your right to disconnect with Viva Insights  
    • Set up a period of quiet and focus 
    • Using relaxation modules  
  • Collaboration and communication 
    • Stay connected with colleagues using Microsoft Insight  
    • Optimize Meetings with Viva Insights 
    • Analyze your network and communication habits  
  • Insights in Outlook 
    • Respecting your colleagues disconnection times 
    • Preparing for time away from the office
    • Receiving a briefing email from Viva Insights 

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Learn more about Microsoft Viva Insights

Finding a balance between professional and personal life is increasingly complex, especially with the rise of remote work. Nearly 30% of employees feel helpless in managing their availability between these two spheres, while 80% reported a deterioration of their well-being at work in 2021. That's why Microsoft has launched its first user experience enhancement platform, divided into various features: 

Microsoft Viva Connections: To create your company's intranet and maintain consistent engagement and information levels for everyone. 

Microsoft Viva Learning: For on-demand training, offering content catalogs directly in Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Viva Topics: For quick access to information, thanks to artificial intelligence and the automatic detection of important topics for your company. 

Microsoft Viva Insights: For your digital well-being and productivity improvement. 

As for Microsoft Viva Insights, this application focuses on well-being and productivity improvement. This tool allows you to manage two aspects of your daily life. On one side, it handles time management through scheduling your absences, meetings, and emails. On the other side, Viva Insights focuses on your well-being with meditation sessions and the creation of breaks tailored to your schedule.