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Video Training Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced

Video Training Microsoft PowerPoint - Advanced

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Training Theme 

Take your PowerPoint training one step further and improve your knowledge with this new course. Throughout this training, discover and adopt the most complex features of the software. First, learn how to use themes as well as the slide master option before you can build your own charts using Excel data.

With our last two modules, become a pro of slide transitions and animations while managing the access and sharing of your presentations securely.

Training Objectives 

You want to create appealing presentations and dramatically boost your efficiency.

At the end of this training, you will know:

  •     Time-saving features
  •     How to use PowerPoint themes and templates

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Users who want to gain in-depth knowledge of the advanced level of MS PowerPoint with a strong desire to do EVERYTHING in PowerPoint faster and more efficiently
Startup Level: Advanced
Prerequisite: Intermediate working knowledge of how Microsoft PowerPoint works

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.

Training Content 

33 video tutorials on PowerPoint broken down into 8 lessons 

  •  Latest Features
    •     On-Slide 3D Model Animation
    •     Removing the background of a picture
    •     Screen recording
    •     Ink Equation
    •     New chart types
  • Themes
    •     Customize colors and save the theme
  • Print slides, notes, or handouts
    •     Prepare a basic handout
    •     Print Notes Pages as handouts
    •     Print handouts
    •     Work with handout masters
  • Design motion paths
    •     Work with a motion path
    •     Combine a path with other effects
    •     Create a sequence with line paths
    •     Apply paths to layered pictures
  • Use slide masters to customize a presentation
    •     Use slide masters to customize a presentation
    •     Customize the slide master
    •     Customize master layouts
    •     Create a new slide master and layouts
  • Adding elements
    •     Add a sound effect to a transition
    •     Add sound effects to an animation
  • Animation
    •     Animate pictures, shapes, text, and other objects
    •     Animate text
    •     Animate pictures and shapes
    •     Animate charts and SmartArt
    •     Create custom animations with motion paths
    •     Trigger an animation effect
    •     Trigger multiple effects, including sound
    •     Trigger a video
    •     Trigger text to play over a video
  • Creation
    •     Build an org chart using SmartArt Tools
    •     Create a template from a presentation
    •     Customize the design and layouts
    •     Create slide content and save the template

Learn more about Microsoft PowerPoint

Preparing a presentation is one thing, but preparing a good presentation is another. With Microsoft PowerPoint discover not only how to prepare slides faster and more efficiently, but also how to animate your slides so that they become unique.

Indeed, the new version of the software, published in 2019, allows a range of new possibilities. You can now organize your slides according to your outline. Sections, sub-sections or appendices, all can be named to facilitate your organization. For your layout, you can count on new tools such as simplified removal of the background of an image, the ability to annotate and write by hand or add SVG files.

Finally, when the PowerPoint presentation is saved, you can now export it as 4k.