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Video Training - Microsoft Copilot in Edge

Video Training - Microsoft Copilot in Edge

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Training Theme

​Microsoft has made its artificial intelligence solution available in Microsoft Edge, and you want to harness its potential. This program will guide you through a series of tutorials aimed at maximizing your efficiency with Copilot in Microsoft Edge. 

​Discover how to activate Copilot Edge in your company's environment and master quick access to its essential features. Explore the nuances of privacy management to ensure secure and compliant usage. Dive into the world of conversational AI with Copilot Edge, learn how to compose text with contextual assistance, and explore how to seamlessly generate images. 

​The course also covers practical aspects such as PDF summarization and video synthesis with Copilot Edge, allowing you to save time and enhance productivity. Learn to optimize your Edge experience by leveraging Copilot features, and discover how to intuitively import and process images to enrich your projects. 

Training Objectives

​At the end of this training, you will be able to: 

  • Activate and access to Copilot tool integrated into Edge. 
  • ​Utilize the conversational, writing, and generation features provided by the AI. 

Prerequisites and Target Audience

Target Audience:  Users utilizing Microsoft Edge 
​Starting Level: Beginner 
​Prerequisites: No technical prerequisites are necessary; simple curiosity is sufficient. 

Educational Methods Used

  • E-learning Modules : Selection of a series of videos that will help you achieve the defined educational objective

Course Content

11 video tutorials on Microsoft Copilot in edge in 1 Lesson : 

  • Copilot in Edge
    • Enabling Copilot Edge in the Enterprise Environment 
    • ​Accessing Copilot in Microsoft Edge 
    • ​Managing Privacy in Copilot Edge 
    • ​Personal Account vs. Professional Account 
    • ​Using Conversational AI Copilot Edge 
    • ​Composing a Text with Copilot Edge 
    • ​Generating an Image with Copilot Edge 
    • ​Summarizing a PDF with Copilot Edge 
    • ​Summarizing a Video with Copilot Edge 
    • ​Optimizing the Edge Experience with Copilot 
    • ​Importing and Processing Images with Copilot Edge 

Learn More About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft, introduced in 2015 as a replacement for Internet Explorer. It is designed to provide a fast, secure, and modern browsing experience. Built on Google's Blink engine, Edge is compatible with the latest web standards, ensuring optimal support for websites and online applications. 

​One notable feature of Microsoft Edge is its clean and intuitive user interface, offering users a seamless navigation experience. The browser also includes advanced features such as tab synchronization across different devices, enabling a consistent user experience across multiple platforms. 

​In terms of security, Edge integrates features such as Windows Defender SmartScreen, which protects users from malicious websites and potentially dangerous downloads. Additionally, the browser offers a Strict Tracking Prevention mode to enhance privacy by blocking online trackers. 

​Microsoft Edge also supports extensions, allowing users to further customize their browsing experience by adding additional features. In summary, Microsoft Edge combines optimal performance, advanced security, and a user-friendly interface to provide a comprehensive web browsing experience.​ 

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