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Training Video Business Uses – Assistants

Training Video Business Uses – Assistants

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Training Theme 

A real pillar of the business, the administrative assistant has to be able to juggle a wide range of tasks. Several skills are needed to carry out this work with flying colors. Communication and production of documents must be effective.

Follow this Microsoft 365 training, to improve work efficiency and stop wasting time.

Training Objectives 

You are an assistant and need to know how to gain efficiency with Microsoft 365

At the end of this training, you will know:

  •     The best way to share files
  •     How to communicate with remote and onsite colleagues
  •     How to delegate a colleague's calendar
  •     How to manage your digital notes

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target Audience: Users who work with the executive team or work collaboratively with other assistants and want to gain efficiency and time with Microsoft 365

Startup Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: Master independently the basic uses of computer navigation and the uses of your computer

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.

Training Content 

3 Use Case Videos  

  •     Write a document at the last minute
  •     Work efficiently in delegation and communication
  •     Format documents quickly

106 Video Tutorials on Outlook and SharePoint broken down into 16 lessons  

  •     Discovery  
    •     Discovering the Outlook 2016 interface
    •     Ribbon preview
    •     Manage displays
    •     Tell me what you want to do
  •     Daily use of messaging  
    •     Create an e-mail message
    •     Process a received message
    •     Attach a message, a contact, a file, or a task
    •     Insert elements into the mails (table, graphic, images)
    •     Creating a draft
    •     Creating an e-mail template
    •     Printing messages
    •     Saving a message
    •     Sending automatic replies
    •     The Bcc field in detail
    •     Manage attachments
    •     Schedule sending emails in Outlook
  •     Organizing your inbox  
    •     Organizing in folders
    •     Sorting & searching your mails
    •     Using categories
    •     Using conversation mode
    •     Organizing your messages using rules
    •     Junk email
    •     Clutter
    •     Cleaning your inbox
  •     Customize your mailbox  
    •     Create and add a signature to messages
    •     Change the default font for your emails
    •     Manage new message notifications
  •     Advanced use  
    •     Create a task from a message
    •     Recover deleted items
    •     Recall or replace an e-mail you sent
    •     Delay or schedule e-mail sending
    •     Conduct surveys
    •     Request a read receipt or confirmation of delivery
  •     Calendar  
    •     Presentation and discovery of the calendar
    •     Edit and customize views
    •     Create an appointment
    •     Schedule a meeting
    •     Manage recurring appointments
    •     Respond to a meeting
    •     Set or remove reminders
    •     Edit or delete an appointment, meeting or event
    •     Using the Scheduling Assistant
    •     Sharing the calendar
    •     Open a shared calendar
    •     Publish the calendar
    •     Show other people's calendar
    •     Calendar delegation
    •     How to launch a New Teams Meeting in Outlook
    •     Fill in your work schedules in Outlook
  •     Manage contacts  
    •     Presentation and discovery of contacts
    •     Create a contact & add and use contacts
    •     Import contacts into Outlook
    •     Export contacts from Outlook
    •     Create a contact group & Communicate through contact groups (distribution list)
  •     Tasks  
    •     Presentation of the task module
    •     Create a task and create a recurring task
    •     Assigning a task
  •     Outlook Groups  
    •     Creating a group
    •     Having a conversation within a group
    •     Accessing applications from a group
    •     Create and modify a group
    •     Join a group
    •     Introducing Office 365 Groups
    •     Remove a member from a group
    •     Create a meeting in the group calendar
  •     Discover FindTime  
    •     Customising default options
    •     Downloading and installing
    •     Achieving a first date proposal
    •     Responding to an invitation
  •     Privacy and security in Outlook  
    •     General security practices in Outlook
    •     How to protect an email by encryption?
    •     How do I prevent the transfer of an email?
    •     How do I recognize a fraudulent email?
    •     How do I block a sender?
    •     How do I share a document securely with Outlook?
  •     New Sharepoint Features  
    •     Visually highlight some files
    •     Pin your documents to the top of your library list
    •     Create a site off a template
  •     Introduce team sites  
    •     Discovery
    •     A detailed Description of the Home Page
    •     Site Presentation
    •     The Search Function in SharePoint
    •     Connecting with Other Office 365 Tools
  •     Introduction to document libraries  
    •     Introduction to the Document Libraries
    •     Adding Items to Libraries
    •     Editing of Items
    •     Moving and Copying Content
    •     Sharing a Document
    •     Receiving a Sharing Request
    •     Managing Different Versions of a Document
    •     Making a Document Read Only
    •     Synchronizing a Library on Your Computer
    •     Using Files in a Synchronized Library
  •     Start using a list  
    •     Introduction to Lists
    •     Adding Items to a List
    •     Editing Items in a List
    •     Sharing the Items of a List
  •     Advanced use  
    •     Adding a Column to a List or Library
    •     Sorting and Filtering Items
    •     Creating and Managing Displays
    •     Defining Alerts
    •     Creating Workflows from a Template
    •     Creating Workflows from Scratch
    •     Creating Your Application with PowerApps

Learn more about Microsoft 365 for assistants

As an assistant, using Microsoft 365 means saving time and efficiency.

Microsoft SharePoint simplifies access to information and facilitates collaborative remote work.

Use quick ways to collect, improve, and organize your information in Microsoft OneNote. Start dictation to quickly write your ad, contract, or letter in Microsoft Word with quick formatting. Create and save a communication design presentation in PowerPoint. Easily share your data from any application and speed up the validation process by your managers.