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Reducing Your Digital Footprint in Teams

Reducing Your Digital Footprint in Teams

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Training Theme 

Digital technology accounts for approximately 4% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, equivalent to over 2 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalents. Clearly, all our internet activities and work tools have a significant environmental impact on our planet. Sustainable development and reducing the carbon footprint are central to societal challenges shaking our current world; they are also at the heart of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Digital Use.

With climate changes, the main challenge is to protect the environment and embark on a new approach: The environmental transition.

The goal is to minimize the harmful impact of electronic pollution on our planet through collective actions of a company's employees.

In this course, we invite you to discover simple tips to reduce your digital footprint on everyday tools, like Microsoft Teams here.

Training Objectives

This course aims to introduce you to the impact of office production on the environment and guide you to best practices using Microsoft 365. By the end of this course, you will:

  • Use methods to avoid replicating existing elements.
  • Understand Microsoft 365's search features to efficiently find what you need.
  • Operate with templates and automations to save time and energy.
  • Develop good habits for saving and managing your work.

Prerequisite and Target Audience

Target Audience: Everyone

Starting Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Knowledge of M365 tools

Means and Methods

  • e-Learning Module: These dynamic and interactive modules will help you understand CSR.
  • Assessment Quiz: A quiz will be given at the end to verify your understanding.

Training Content

1 module lasting approximately 10-20 minutes.

  • Office files
  • Conversations
  • Discussions
  • Notifications
  • The app

A 10-question quiz

Learn More about the Ecological Impact of Office Production:

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a major current concern, especially its "environmental" pillar.

To reduce their energy consumption, companies like Microsoft, after their environmental assessment, have decided to rethink their technologies and their usage to reduce energy consumption and the resulting carbon footprint. And Microsoft is not the only one! In a society undergoing digital transition, more and more companies are embracing this ecological awareness, known as "GREEN IT" or "Responsible Digital".

While it's crucial to emphasize that the first step towards responsible digital use is not to change electronic equipment (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) too frequently, or to recycle our devices with specialized companies, there's still progress to be made in daily professional use to protect the environment. It's easy to say, but when looking for a starting point, one can quickly get overwhelmed by tons of information.