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Microsoft Video Training Teams - Use Teams on mobile

Microsoft Video Training Teams - Use Teams on mobile

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Training Theme

Whether it's company-provided equipment or the option to use personal devices (BYOD), employees are increasingly using their mobile devices... to work as a team!

Indeed, the collaborative application Microsoft Teams, which you probably use on your computer or through your web browser, is also available on mobile! You will find most of the features available in the desktop version: your contacts, your teams and their channels, creating and participating in meetings, storing and sharing documents...

This course will help you better understand how to use your Teams application from your smartphone.

Training Objectives

You need to familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Teams mobile app and understand how it can be useful to you. 

By the end of this training, you will be able to : 

  • Use the Teams app on mobile 
  • Understand the similarities and differences with the desktop application and the browser version

Prequisites and Target Audience

  • Target Audience : Users of the mobile version of Microsoft Teams
  • Starting Level : Beginner
  • Prerequisites : Independently master the basics of computer navigation and the uses of one's computer

Educational Methods Used

  • E-learning Modules : Selection of a series of videos that will help you achieve the defined educational objective
  • Evaluation Quiz: A quiz will be provided at the end of the course to assess your understanding.

Course Content

17 videos tutorials on Teams mobile divided into 5 Lessons : 

  • General Presentation
    • Finding and Installing Teams for Mobile
    • Interface Overview
    • Searching for Items or People
  • Conversations
    • Starting a Conversation
    • Responding or Reacting to a Message
    • Disabling Conversation Notifications
  • Teams 
    • Creating or Joining a Team
    • Creating a Channel
    • Posting in a Channel
    • Managing Teams and Channels
    • File Management
  • Meetings
    • Creating and Joining a Meeting
    • Sharing Content in a Meeting
    • Enabling Subtitles During a Meeting
  • Settings
    • Enabling Mobile Notifications
    • Chancing your status
    • Finding Help?

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Learn More About Microsoft Teams Mobile

Microsoft Teams is an online communication and collaboration application developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft 365 suite and offers a comprehensive platform for connecting and working with teams, both in person and remotely.
Key features of Microsoft Teams include instant messaging, voice and video calls, online meetings, project and task management, as well as tight integration with other Microsoft tools such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Office applications.
Teams can create channels to organize their work by project, team, or topic, sharing files and collaborating in real-time. Microsoft Teams also facilitates virtual meetings, with features such as screen sharing and video conferencing.
The application is designed to be secure, offering data protection and encryption options. It is available on a variety of platforms, allowing users to work on the go.
Microsoft Teams has gained importance, especially during the pandemic, becoming an essential tool for teams working remotely. It is used by businesses of all sizes as well as in the education sector for remote training. Microsoft Teams continues to evolve with new features to meet the changing needs of modern teams.

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