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Live Training Microsoft Word - Discover Desktop Publishing (DTP) With Word

Live Training Microsoft Word - Discover Desktop Publishing (DTP) With Word

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Training Theme 

In your Microsoft Word processing application: images, drawings, and graphics are managed as simply and efficiently as in DTP software. Learn how to apply effects to multimedia items, which will allow you to turn your document into a commercial brochure. 

All trainings are conducted by expert trainers with a focus on communicating efficiently in Microsoft Teams. 

Training Objectives 

You need to understand what desktop publishing is and how Microsoft Word can help you with it. 

At the end of this training, you will know: 

  • What desktop publishing is in Microsoft Word 
  • How to use Microsoft Word built-in tools that make DTP easy 

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Users who are familiar with the features of Microsoft Word and want to develop the graphical tools of their word processing application
Startup Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Know the basic features of Microsoft Word and be able to use the tool independently

Means and Methods 

  • Virtual classroom: The training is carried out remotely with a virtual classroom tool. Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions. 
  • Virtual class replay: Recording of a virtual class allowing a complete approach to the application by means of concrete examples of use.  

Training Content 

45-min Distance Learning (and/or its video recording) 

  • Images 
    • Insert 
    • Edit 
    • Cut 
    • Drawings 
    • In general 
  • Shapes 
    • Automatic/manual 
    • Edit points 
    • Layout of graphic elements 
  • Prepare and export a document for sharing 
    • Export or share your document 
    • Export formats 

Learn more about Microsoft Word 

You may be familiar with Microsoft Word processing: its writing and layout tools. But did you know that it also has more advanced graphic features, which can allow you to create real commercial brochures? No need to solicit the help of your graphic design team! This app lets you insert images, photographs, drawings and shapes into your document. You can then use the layout settings to organize them visually, and create impactful visuals, while adapting them to the company colors. You can print or export your documents under various formats and easily share them online.