Live Training Microsoft Planner and Project - Task management tools

Live Training Microsoft Planner and Project - Task management tools

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Training Theme 

Managing and organizing tasks cannot be improvised. Discover the Office 365 applications that make you efficient: Project, the complete and efficient application for large projects, and Planner, for daily task management. All our training, especially on task management uses, is carried out by our expert trainers

Training Objectives 

You need to find the best task management tool to help your team and you in your daily work. 

At the end of this training, you will know: 

  • Task management tools and their various advantages 
  • How to use the interconnection of applications daily 

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Users who want to understand what task management tools are designed to do and some of their differences
Startup Level: Beginner
Prerequisite: Master independently the basic uses of computer navigation and the uses of your computer 

Means and Methods 

  • Virtual classroom: The training is carried out remotely with a virtual classroom tool. Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions. 

Training Content 

45-min Distance Learning (and/or its video recording) 

  • Project  
    • What is Project ? 
    • The steps and tasks associated with a project 
    • Follow the project’s progress 
    • The graphic readout 
  • Planner   
    • Avaibilities and workgroups 
    • Schedule tasks 
    • Follow-up of tasks 

Learn more about Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner

How and when to use Microsoft Project, and how and when to use Microsoft Planner? If you are a Microsoft 365 user with a license to access Microsoft Project Online, then you should ask yourself why and when to use Microsoft Project Online or Microsoft Planner. 

These two apps, even if they are intended to plan a project and the related tasks, do not have the same relevance and do not work in the same way. 

Microsoft Project Online allows you to create a project schedule, update it, associate human and material resources with the associated costs and finally, automate and adapt planning shifts. In short, it is designed for large-scale projects that you wish to follow very precisely and at all levels. Microsoft Project Online integrates fully with SharePoint. 

Microsoft Planner is a real alternative to Project Online because it also allows you to organize and share tasks across ad hoc teams. The advantage is that it is simple to handle and intuitive, it does not require any particular skills in project management and allows you to federate tasks around a project and a team. Obviously, Microsoft Planner is not as complete as Project Online and does not allow, for example, to track the costs and therefore the budget of the project. Microsoft Planner is ideal for fast, cross-functional projects. Microsoft Planner integrates with Microsoft Teams, which requires it to be an important part of how a team works in Teams. Finally, Microsoft Planner allows synchronization with Microsoft To Do for the individual organization of a coworker.