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Live Training Microsoft Excel - Easy data analysis with PivotTables

Live Training Microsoft Excel - Easy data analysis with PivotTables

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Training Theme 

After taking this course: the analysis, valuation and automatic summary of tables will have no more secrets for you. Learn how to enhance your summaries with automatic and graphical formatting. 

All our trainings, especially on the uses of summaries in Excel, are carried out by our expert trainers. 

Training Objectives 

You need to create data summaries easily and quickly. 

At the end of this training, you will know: 

  • How to set up source data in the correct table structure or format 
  • How to develop a structured PivotTable 
  • How to apply filters and slicers to your data 
  • How to show the expected results 
  • How to refine your PivotTables with complementary formulas and fields 

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Users who are familiar with the features of Microsoft Excel and want to learn how to showcase their data with PivotTables
Startup Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Know the basic features of Microsoft Excel and be able to use the tool independently

Means and Methods 

  • Virtual classroom: The training is carried out remotely with a virtual classroom tool. Live interaction with a trainer enabling participants to ask questions. 
  • Virtual class replay: Recording of a virtual class allowing a complete approach to the application by means of concrete examples of use.
  • Documents and other materials: Additional information or educational activities to complement this course.  

Training Content 

45-min Distance Learning (and/or its video recording) 

  • Prepare your data sources 
  • Create a PivotTable 
  • Understand the Task Pane’s 4 Area Sections 
  • Filter Data 
  • Edit summary formulas 
  • Change header names and display data in the desired order 
  • Format a PivotTable 
  • The benefit of using slicers in Excel 

1 Course Knowledge Validation Quiz 

Learn more about Microsoft Excel

If you use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, you've probably used or heard of PivotTables. Indeed, they are among the most common features of your spreadsheet application. 

PivotTables allow you to link multiple data sources, to derive results and make summaries. This type of table allows you to precisely filter and segment your data, which is very useful when you have a lot of data. 

Microsoft Excel also allows you to translate your results into graphs, for better readability.