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Part 05 - Mastering Prompts for Generative AI: Creation, Evaluation, and Best Practices

Part 05 - Mastering Prompts for Generative AI: Creation, Evaluation, and Best Practices

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Training Theme 

​In the complex world of generative artificial intelligence, prompts play the role of conductors, directing the symphony of algorithms towards coherent and relevant response compositions. 

​An effective prompt combines contextualization, anchoring the machine in a specific framework, specificity, sharpening its response, and stimulation, infusing it with a touch of algorithmic creativity. This finesse in the formulation of prompts transforms a simple query into a rich dialogue, an intellectual dance that evolves with each exchange. 

​Through this training, we will explore together the creation of prompts, their evaluation, as well as best practices associated with the use of prompts. 

Training Objectives 

By the end of this training, you will be able to: 

  • ​Develop a deep understanding of prompts in generative AI.
  • Master the formulation and optimization of prompts. ​
  • Be aware of the ethical implications and biases of generative AI. 

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: This training is intended for innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the impact of AI on the future of technology. 
Startup Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Basic understanding of artificial intelligence and an interest in technological innovation. 

Means and Methods 

  • Tutorial Videos: A selected series of videos will help you achieve the defined educational objectives.
  • Evaluation Quiz: A quiz will be provided at the end to validate your understanding.  

Training Content 

3 tutorial videos:

  • ​Chapter 1: Prompts in Generative AI: Channeling the Power of Models 
  • ​Chapter 2: Navigating the Neural Forest: The Secrets of AI Prompts 
  • ​Chapter 3: Unveiling the Prompts: The Evolution and Future of Human-Machine Interaction 

1 Course Knowledge Validation Quiz 

Learn more about Generative AI: 

​In the current context of rapid technological progress, generative artificial intelligence is becoming a central element of innovation, influencing research, industry, science, and extending the boundaries of human creativity. 

​The importance of creative brainstorming methods and solid AI education has become evident, necessitating an understanding of the basic principles of AI. 

​These skills are crucial not only for stimulating advancements in various fields such as health, environment, and art but also for understanding and addressing the ethical implications and potential biases of AI. 
These skills involve learning about "prompts" to better use and guide AI, aiming to meet our needs while being mindful of the constraints we face. 


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