Microsoft Viva is the platform dedicated to the experience of employees. It brings together communications, training, knowledge, resources, but also the information needed by an employee in their organization.  

Among the applications found in Microsoft Viva; Microsoft Teams proposes Viva Insights

The goal of Viva Insights is to propose recommendations while finding a balance between efficiency and well-being, in order to allow employees and teams to improve themselves through its system of different contents that will target their productivity, but also, and especially, their well-being.  

In this article, we will provide quick tips to get started with Viva Insights.  

Viva Insights is available to all Microsoft Teams users. 

To get started, open your Microsoft Teams software, and tap the 3 little dots on the navigation pane on the left.  





Once it is done, search for "Viva Insights" in the search bar and click on it.  




The app will appear in the navigation pane.  





N.B: To access Viva Insights quickly, right-click on the app and click "pin". At each opening, Viva Insight will show as well.  




When you are on the home page, you can already notice that 3 tabs appear:  

  • Stay connected: Where you will be able to see your colleagues and thus be able to schedule meetings directly from "Stay connected" to facilitate planning and avoid having to open 2 calendars in Microsoft Outlook, for example.  

  • Protect time: In this tab, you will be able to schedule an individual working time so that colleagues know that you are not available at that given moment. 




  • Library of inspiration: You can find here a whole set of articles on well-being at work and also on balancing corporate and professional life, and overall, your well-being through 4 topics (for the moment): Well-being, Culture, Impact, Resilience.  




There you go, some tips to get you started with Viva Insights.

We hope that this article and these tips have allowed you to correctly understand this new tool, which will become crucial in the use of Microsoft Teams.  


See you soon for new tips!  


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