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Discover is an integrated solution with which you can access your SharePoint and Office 365 applications from Outlook. is accessible via the web and mobile applications. This way, you can be responsive even on the move.’s features

With, easily save and classify your emails and documents with drag and drop.

Easily search for information with filters and favorites.

Artificial intelligence is used to automate processes related to the backup of documents and emails. helps you to better collaborate with your co-workers. Indeed, you should avoid sending emails and share the links of your documents instead.

You can download the mobile application now: With this application, you can download your documents from your SharePoint directly to your mobile, access them offline and view version history.

Renew your collaborative uses with our course: Manage Your Documents and Emails from Outlook Directly in SharePoint with

In this course, you will discover how to:
• Facilitate the storage of your documents and emails in SharePoint / Office 365
• Implement an information management system
• Boost the adoption of teamwork applications (Yammer, Teams…)

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For more information, check out our tutorials.
6 tutorials are available in this course, discover in pictures how to:
– Save Sent Email Messages to SharePoint
– View and Edit Emails and Documents
– Collaborate on Email and Documents in Real-time
– Send SharePoint Links Instead of Email Attachments
– Save Office Documents to SharePoint
– Share Emails and Documents with Other Users

In the webcast part of this course, a video presentation shows you the main features of

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