Launched in 2003, Microsoft OneNote is the ultimate digital notebook tool. In this article, let us look back at the features offered by Microsoft OneNote and find out more about the recent updates.


OneNote Functions Reminder

OneNote is your digital notebook. It allows you to create, view, edit and share notes on a web browser from your PC and even, your mobile.

This tool allows you to centralize your notes by organizing them in Notebooks, Sections and Pages. Now in a flash, you can pinpoint your ideas on your computer or mobile.

OneNote offers you a broad integration of Files, Tables and Audio/Video Recordings.

You can also comment on your notes and easily share them with your colleagues.

Check out OneNote in this video!


Turn on the Dark Mode Feature in Microsoft OneNote

Go easy on your eyes with Dark Mode. It can improve readability of your notes in low light environments, increase the legibility of the user interface, provide better contrast, and reduce eye strain.

This new mode, which remains optional, is also available in Microsoft OneNote.


Notebook Efficient Organization

In OneNote, you can easily organize and locate your notes. Use Sections, Section Groups, Pages or Subpages and organize them as you wish. You can decide to display them or hide them when you are done.

3 buttons are now available:

  • Navigation, lets you view or hide your different sections and pages
  • Show Search, to locate an item with ease or use a recent search
  • Show Recent Notes, to quickly return to recently modified or viewed notes.

In addition, you now can customize your tags to easily find your notes visually.

Find out how to organize your notes with this tutorial!


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