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How to Access Copilot

Learn how to access Copilot, a powerful AI tool from Microsoft. With Copilot, you can generate summaries, drafts, and editorial suggestions for emails, as well as generate drafts and take advantage of AI prompts in Word. Discover how to access this innovative tool in this informative video.

  • 1:32

Chat, Get Inspired, and Search with Copilot


Enhance your communication skills and discover new sources of inspiration with Copilot. Learn how to converse, get inspired, and search effectively to enrich your experience.

  • 3:26

Analyze and Write Content Based on a File

Discover how to analyze and write content based on a file with the Microsoft 365 Conversations application. Tap into artificial intelligence to enhance company content, meetings, contacts, and emails. Learn the secrets of Copilot Lab and find new ways to improve your content creation process.

  • 2:16

Copilot in Teams Conversations

Discover how Copilot in Teams Conversations can enhance your collaborative work. With its integration into Teams, Copilot offers ready-made prompts and the ability to interact with the panel using questions. Find out how this tool can streamline your communication and improve productivity.

  • 2:47

Copilot During Teams Meetings

Discover how Copilot can enhance your Teams meetings. Join us as we analyze the benefits of using Copilot to improve participant engagement on educational content platforms. Learn about identifying engagement factors and explore engaging educational methods for effective learning.

  • 3:29

Rewrite or Summarize Existing Text with Copilot

Discover how to rewrite or summarize existing text with Copilot. Microsoft Copilot for Word provides multiple ways to rework your documents. Learn how to rephrase blocks or the entire document with just a few clicks. Find out how this feature can help you improve your writing and save time.

  • 2:29

Draft Content Based on an Existing Document with Copilot

Learn how to draft content based on an existing document with Copilot. Discover how Copilot in Word can generate content from other files, such as Word or PowerPoint files stored on OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint. Watch this video to learn how to summarize the content of a document, like one about climate change, using Copilot.

  • 2:15

Add a Table from Text with Copilot

Learn how to add a table from text with Copilot. Copilot allows you to generate an automatic table from a document and modify it using your prompts. Watch this video to see how you can quickly create tables from text with Copilot.

  • 1:39

Use the Copilot Conversation Pane in Word

Discover how to use the Copilot Conversation Pane in Word to answer your questions on a variety of topics. This feature allows you to directly solicit Copilot's assistance and provides a convenient way to access AI-driven content suggestions. Watch this video to learn how to open, resize, and utilize the Conversation pane in Word.

  • 1:56

Create a Presentation with Copilot

Learn how to create an engaging presentation with Copilot. This innovative tool helps you generate illustrated slides on any theme within seconds. Watch this video to see how you can easily create a presentation on the fashion trends of the 20th century using Copilot's artificial intelligence.

  • 1:50

Create a Presentation Based on an Existing Word Document

Discover the power of Copilot in this tutorial. Learn how to create a presentation based on an existing Word document. Explore the document on climate change, with 23 pages of text, images, diagrams, and tables. Unleash your creativity and produce engaging presentations effortlessly.

  • 1:52

Summarize a Slideshow with Copilot

Learn how to summarize a slideshow using Copilot! Discover how Copilot can analyze and extract information from existing slide shows, saving you time. Watch as we use Copilot to generate a summary of a presentation, giving you insights into introducing a product to the market and the client-side sales mechanism. Start summarizing slideshows easily with Copilot!

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