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What is OneDrive for Business?

In this video, you will learn about OneDrive for Business.
The video covers the functionalities of OneDrive for Business, such as storing and organizing professional documents, accessing the address book of your organization, and working with your organization.
You can use OneDrive for Business on any device by logging into the Office 365 portal and selecting OneDrive from the app launcher.
This online storage space allows you to manage your files and folders, create new documents, delete them, and share them with others.
Understanding OneDrive for Business will help you efficiently store and manage your professional documents.
  • 0:42

Add, restore, delete documents on OneDrive

In this video, you will learn how to add, restore, and delete documents on OneDrive.
The video covers the process of creating a new document, uploading existing files, downloading files, and managing documents in folders.
This tutorial is essential for anyone using Microsoft 365 and will help you efficiently manage your documents on OneDrive for business.
  • 2:02

Share documents

In this video, you will learn about sharing documents using Microsoft 365. The video covers how to securely save your files in the cloud with OneDrive, allowing you to access them from anywhere.
You can store various file types, including images, spreadsheets, and presentations.
Additionally, the video demonstrates how to share and collaborate in real-time with your coworkers, whether you're in the office or on the go.
By using Microsoft 365, you can stay organized, connected, and productive from any device.
This tutorial will help you effectively share documents and enhance your productivity with Microsoft 365.
  • 2:56

Recycle bin

In this video, you will learn about the different tools in Office 365 that can help you search and find what you need.
The video covers OneDrive, Yammer, and Delve, and demonstrates how to use these tools to access and organize your documents, collaborate with colleagues, and discover relevant information.
This will help you stay updated on the latest updates, work on documents remotely, and easily find the content you're looking for.
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Sync OneDrive for Business to your computer (Windows 10 - 1709)

In this video, you will learn about Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud storage tool offered by Microsoft 365. The video covers topics such as uploading files, organizing and storing files, syncing between OneDrive and your computer, and sharing options.
This will help you facilitate access and secure your data stored online.
  • 2:43

Work with documents in a synced library folder (Windows 10 - 1709)

In this video, you will learn how to work with documents in a synced library folder on Windows 10 - 1709. Once you sync your OneDrive library to your computer, you can easily access and work with these files just like any other files in your file system.
Your synced library will appear in the Navigation Pane of your Windows Explorer, along with other libraries from SharePoint sites.
You can open files in this folder or create new files and save them to your sync folder directly from applications like Word.
When you are online, any new file you create will be immediately uploaded to the site library.
Similarly, if you delete a file from your sync folder, it will be deleted in SharePoint during the next sync.
If you don't have permissions to perform certain actions, such as deleting a file or adding a new file, the file will be re-downloaded into the library folder during the next sync.
You will see an error mark on the file in your sync folder if you don't have the necessary permissions.
You can also use the OneDrive menu to perform various activities with files in the sync folder.
By right-clicking on a document, you can choose to share the folder, display it in the browser, or access the synchronized folders.
Additionally, you can open the OneDrive menu from your Windows taskbar at any time to manage the synchronization.
This tutorial will help you effectively work with documents in a synced library folder on Windows 10 - 1709, enhancing your productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365.
  • 1:27

Change location where you sync libraries on your computer (Windows 10 - 1709)

In this video, you will learn how to change the location where you sync libraries on your computer in Windows 10. The video covers the steps to stop synchronization, select a new synchronization location, and sync a folder from OneDrive.
This will help you manage your storage space and organize your files more efficiently.
  • 1:53

Tell me what you want to do

In this video, you will learn about the "Tell me what you want to do" feature in Microsoft 365. The video covers how this feature brings various functions and topics to your fingertips, saving you time searching for specific functions on the ribbon.
By typing in the "Tell me what you want to do" box, you can see results and refine them with each keystroke.
It also provides the option to read help topics for more information.
For example, typing "reading" will bring back the Reading Pane command, allowing you to choose your Reading Pane options.
This feature also saves your time by displaying a list of the last five commands you ran within Tell me.
Using this feature will help you navigate Microsoft 365 more efficiently and find the functions you need faster.
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Create and modify a group

In this video, you will learn how to create and modify a group on Outlook Online using Microsoft 365. The video demonstrates the steps to create a new group, including naming the group, adding a description, and setting the privacy and language preferences.
It also shows how to add group members and manage group settings.
This tutorial will help you effectively create and manage groups on Outlook Online, enhancing your collaboration and communication within your organization.
  • 2:19

Join a group

In this video, you will learn how to search for and join a group on the Engage platform.
The video covers the default display of communities you are a part of, accessing other communities through the Communities tab, and viewing the latest and recommended groups.
To join a community, simply click on the "Join" button.
This tutorial will help you navigate and participate in different groups on Engage.
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In this video, you will learn about Clutter, a feature in Microsoft 365 that helps you organize your emails.
Clutter analyzes your email behavior and moves low priority messages to a separate folder called Clutter, allowing you to focus on important messages in your Inbox.
You can manually move items in and out of the Clutter folder to help Clutter learn your preferences faster.
If you see a low priority message in your Inbox, you can easily move it to the Clutter folder.
Similarly, if an email is mistakenly sent to the Clutter folder, you can move it back to your Inbox.
The Clutter folder and the Junk Email folder are both checked before emails arrive in your Inbox.
If you want to manage the Clutter folder, you can do so by right-clicking on the folder and selecting "Manage Clutter." This video provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Clutter feature in Microsoft 365 to efficiently manage your emails.
Implementing Clutter will help you stay organized and prioritize important messages, improving your email management skills.
  • 1:31

Do things quickly with Tell Me

In this video, you will learn about "Do things quickly with Tell Me" in PowerPoint 2016. The video covers how to use the Tell Me feature, which allows you to quickly access features and perform actions by entering related words or phrases.
You can also get help or make a Smart Lookup on the typed word.
This feature is powered by Bing and provides insights, Wikipedia articles, and top related searches from the web.
By using Tell Me, you can save time and easily find the features you need.
This tutorial will help you become more efficient in using PowerPoint 2016.
  • 1:07