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IA Academy: ChatGPT at the Service of Super HR Professionals

IA Academy: ChatGPT at the Service of Super HR Professionals

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Training Theme

Equip yourself with the revolutionary capabilities of AI with ChatGPT and transform the human resources sector. Learn to craft tailored job offers and perform detailed resume analyses with our specialized training, designed to optimize your decision-making processes. With ChatGPT, enhance interview debriefings and personalize the welcome of your new talents, achieving HR management quality worthy of an HR expert, all while strengthening interactions that solidify team spirit and engagement.

Each module of our training is designed to bring you closer to operational excellence, turning everyday HR challenges into genuine opportunities to become leaders in human innovation. Our tutorials guide you through each step, preparing you to fully leverage ChatGPT's advanced functionalities in the HR field.

Generative AI Training Objectives

​By the end of this training, you will be able to : 

  • Understand how AI, through ChatGPT, optimizes your efficiency in HR processes
  • Apply AI tools in your recruitment tasks using ChatGPT
  • Optimize your decision-making with ChatGPT-assisted analysis
  • Facilitate exchanges and integration with newcomers

Prerequisites and Target Audience

Target Audience: HR professionals looking to modernize their practices and optimize their efficiency through AI
Starting Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: Have a background in HR and a curiosity about AI technologies

Educational Methods Used

  • Tutorial videos : A series of selected videos will help you achieve the defined educational objectives. 
  • Documents and other resources : Choice of information to communicate or educational activities to perform as part of this course. 

Training Content

5 tutorial videos on AI and HR professions.

  • ​Draft a job offer with ChatGPT
  • Responding to a Job Application Email with ChatGPT
  • ​Analyze a resume with ChatGPT
  • ​Debriefing a Job Interview with ChatGPT
  • ​Creating a Welcome Presentation with ChatGPT

Learn More About AI and HR Careers

Revolutionize Human Resources with ChatGPT and improve your recruitment practices through our specialized AI training. Learn to write job offers that attract the best talent and rapidly analyze resumes with ChatGPT's efficiency. Our detailed guides will show you how to use this AI to make your decision-making processes more dynamic, refine your interview debriefing techniques, and personalize the welcome of new employees to strengthen team spirit and engagement.

Join our training to explore how integrating ChatGPT into HR can turn challenges into significant opportunities for innovation. With our tutorials, become the HR professional your company deserves, a true pioneer of human innovation. Start today to elevate your HR skills in the digital age.

ChatGPT pushes the boundaries of what's possible in Human Resources, promising a future where human-machine interactions facilitate breakthroughs previously unimaginable. Embrace this advanced technology and be at the forefront of digital transformation in the HR sector.

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