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Video Training Microsoft Viva Insights - Improving your well-being at work

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Training Theme 

As we know, working on digital tools makes work time-consuming and sometimes stressful. Our break periods are reduced, with the will to absolutely finish this file before the end of the day. This Viva Insights training will allow you to regain control over your relationship with digital tools by showing you how to effectively break up your workday for maximum productivity. We will discuss the different facets of Viva Insights: How does the application integrate into everyday tools such as Microsoft Teams and Outlook?

Based on your position: employee, manager or company manager, what information and services will you have access to ?

To ensure a healthy and optimal use of the tools, you will learn how to use several features of Viva Insights.

Training Objectives 

In an increasingly hybrid context, it is important to rethink our relationship with digital tools. This training will facilitate an awareness in this sense.

By the end of this course, you will Know:

  • How to efficiently manage your work schedule
  • How to draw a boundary between professional and personal life
  • How to decipher Viva Insights’ analyses and recommendations
  • How to identify levers to make remote work a success
  • How to break habits

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: It is preferable, but not necessary, to have a global knowledge base about the Microsoft 365 solution. Including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook.

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.
  • Documents and other materials: Additional information or educational activities to complement this course.  

Training Content 

12 video tutorials on Microsoft Viva Insights broken down into 3 lessons 

  • Insights in Teams
    • Use Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams
    • Fill in your working hours
    • Respect your right to disconnect with Viva Insights
    • Some tips on how to improve your focus and concentration
    • Microsoft Insights invites you to a moment of relaxation
    • Stay connected to colleagues with Microsoft Insights
  • Insights in Outlook
    • Respect your colleagues' disconnection times
    • Schedule absences from work
    • Receive an email summarizing Viva Insights' recommendations
  • MyAnalytics page
    • Change your habits with your activity analysis.
    • Define important people in Insights
    • Can you log out?

1 Course Knowledge Validation Quiz 

Learn more about Microsoft Viva Insights

Separating one's private life from one's professional life is becoming increasingly complicated, especially with the development of teleworking. On average, 30% of employees say they are struggling to adjust their personal and professional availability. 80% say their well-being at work has deteriorated in 2021*. That's why Microsoft created its first user experience optimization platform. The latter is broken down into several features:

  • Microsoft Viva Connections: To create your company's intranet and maintain the same level of engagement and information for everyone.
  • Microsoft Viva Learning: To train on demand, by offering content catalogs directly in Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Viva Topics: For quick access to information, thanks to artificial intelligence and automatic detection of topics important to your business.
  • Microsoft Viva Insights: For your digital well-being and improved productivity.

Regarding Microsoft Viva Insights, this application focuses only on well-being and improving productivity. This tool allows you to manage two aspects of your daily life. On the one hand, the management of your time with the planning of your absences, your meetings, and your emails. On the other hand, Viva Insights will focus on your well-being with meditation sessions and the creation of breaks adapted to your schedule.