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Microsoft Kaizala Training - The mobile app for field work

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Training Theme 

Nowadays, many employees work on the go without having access to office tools. As a result, they miss out on company’s valuable news and activity. Kaizala bridges this information gap in day-to-day work by connecting your mobile workforce via a secure mobile app.

Create an account with just a phone number and then gain access to all Kaizala features and tools.

All our training, especially on Kaizala uses, is carried out by our expert trainers.

Training Objectives 

You work in the field and want to understand how Kaizala can help you.

At the end of this training, you will know:

  •     How to navigate the interface and learn about Kaizala
  •     How to perform the following actions: sending an ad, creating a project, creating a survey, requesting a position, ...
  •     How to create and work with groups

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.

Training Content 

23 Video Tutorials on Kaizala broken down into 3 lessons

  •     Get Started  
    •     Get started with Kaizala
    •     Start a chat
    •     Set up your profile
    •     View pending actions
    •     Introduction to Kaizala
  •     Use Kaizala Actions  
    •     Use Kaizala actions
    •     Send an announcement
    •     Create a job
    •     Set up a meeting
    •     Send a photo with location
    •     Create a quick poll
    •     Create a survey
    •     Make attendance
    •     Make and share a checklist
    •     Create a quiz
    •     Request a location
    •     Share your location
    •     Submit a bill
    •     Publish training
  •     Use Kaizala Groups  
    •     Discover actions and groups
    •     Create a group
    •     Create hierarchical groups
    •     Join a public group

Learn more about Microsoft Kaizala

Microsoft Kaizala is a secure messaging and work management app that lets you collaborate with others in and outside of your organization. Send and receive instant messages, coordinate tasks, submit invoices, and use special tools to interact with your team wherever you are. This software has capabilities that are comparable to consumer-grade communication tools like WhatsApp, despite the fact that both applications should appeal to quite specific target markets.

Microsoft Kaizala is also a simple and secure mobile app with advanced management capabilities for work and with easy sign up using just a phone number. Connect and coordinate work across the entire value team using Kaizala's diverse group types. Organize and allocate tasks more efficiently. Get Actionable information and insights for quicker decision making. Collect real time data through polls and surveys. Share text, documents, videos, or photos with thousands at once. Make voice or video calls.  


You can also manage your Kaizala experience using advanced capabilities on the web based portal. Customize surveys and forms for your specific needs and reuse them across the organization. View detailed built-in reports for rich business insights. Easily onboard large groups of users and drive adoption in your organization. Connect your network, gather field insights, and digitize business processes using Kaizala extensible platform.


Kaizala is integrated with Office 365 and meets industry standards for security, privacy and compliance.