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DiLeaP 365 is a training and adoption website that facilitates the use of Microsoft 365 tools and applications. Freely access all courses and learning paths based on topics, products, and job fields.

DiLeaP 365 provides various Microsoft 365 Suite resources that are accessible 24/7. Content viewing is based on the type of license: Freemium, Starter or Premium.

  • Live interaction with expert trainers via online sessions
  • Use case videos
  • Tutorial videos
  • A social network for sharing best practices

The DiLeaP 365 website can be accessed by all Microsoft 365 suite users who want to train at their own pace through different resources: online sessions, use cases, tutorials.

To access content, we recommend that you create an account on the DiLeaP 365 site.

Go to the top right and click "LOG IN" to do so.

You have the option to sign in with your Microsoft 365 account, or create an account using a work email address.

Fill in the few fields related to your profile then browse the site and the numerous Microsoft 365 resources to jump start your training.

While many resources are accessible offline, signing into the DiLeaP 365 site allows to save your learning paths, access online training sessions, interact with our instructors, join the Yammer 365 Learning network, and earn badges.

You can login to the platform whenever you want and follow the courses you like in the order you want. The DiLeaP 365 platform lets you train on Microsoft 365 apps at your own pace, anywhere.

The terms: Freemium, Starter and Premium correspond to the different DiLeaP 365 licenses giving you access to the resources.
The Freemium license allows you to access MOOC Office 365 free content with limited courses.
For unlimited access to all available videos, you need a DiLeaP 365 Starter license.
And to have access to all content including online training sessions with instructors, you must have a DiLeaP 365 Premium license.

Microsoft 365 licenses from Microsoft provide the right to install and use Microsoft's apps and file storage and sharing solutions. These are licenses related to tools provided by Microsoft only. Access to the 365 Learning site is not included.

To obtain a DiLeaP 365 license, please go to this page to purchase your license online or contact us for more information.
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Online training sessions allow you to follow any training courses without having to move.
It gives you the opportunity to interact with our Microsoft 365 expert trainers and other attendees.
The runtime for any online training session is 45 minutes. All you need is a computer device with an internet connection.
Note that a Premium license is required to attend online training sessions.

To follow an online training session, choose a course and then select your preferred session date.
Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation. Prior to the session, you will get another email as a reminder.
Then a final one on D-Day with the connection information.
Your dashboard displays any upcoming sessions.
Please note that the last email with the connection information appears 10 minutes prior to the session’s start time. To join the session and the instructor, click the link on your DiLeaP 365 site or the one in your email then enter the indicated participant number and code.
Tip: Save time by using the upcoming sessions timeline or the calendar.

DiLeaP 365 badges are divided into 3 levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
These 3 levels correspond to your progress on the training website. After viewing use cases, tutorials, and attending online training sessions, you earn points then badges.

Should you run into an issue on our website, use the chat to find content with keywords. For further help or commercial, accessibility or technical matters, you can send an email (support ticket) thru the chat and your request will be processed ASAP.
You can also reach us via this email address or the DiLeaP 365 Yammer network.

The DiLeaP 365 has an open network on Yammer.
Different groups are offered (Q&A, Tips & Tricks, Test your knowledge, 365 Learning News, What's new in Microsoft 365) where you are free to ask your questions and interact with other members.

Join the community!

We offer you the opportunity to create your own training and support website. For more information, visit our dedicated website.

Upon request, we can schedule a demo time and provide a quick tour of our website; We’ll show you how it works. These demos usually last 30 minutes. You can reach us by clicking here; Do mention in your request, your e-mail address and telephone number. After the request is sent to our sales representative, you are contacted within 24 hours to pick a time slot.

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