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Microsoft Excel Video Training – Discovery

  • 3h 46 min
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Training Theme 

Microsoft Excel no longer needs an introduction! In this course, discover its many features: Learn how to format data and enhance the appearance of a worksheet through table management.

This course introduces the basic features of Microsoft Excel: Create your first tables step by step, save time by automating the processing of your data through functions and write your first formulas.

Find out how to set up source data in the correct table structure or format then how to sort it using filters and conditional formatting features. You can then enrich your Microsoft Excel documents by connecting your data through dynamic cross-tabulations, or by visually translating them using graphs.

Training Objectives 

You need to familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool and understand its basic functionality.

At the end of this training, you will know:

  •     The fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and how to use the tool independently
  •     How to create simple data tables with formulas and quick page layout

Prerequisite and Target Audience 

Target audience: Users who want to learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool
Startup Level: Beginner
Prerequisite: Master independently the basic uses of computer navigation and the uses of your computer

Means and Methods 

  • E-Learning Modules: A video series to help you achieve the defined educational objective.

Training Content 

83 Video Tutorials on Microsoft Excel broken down into 6 lessons

  •     First steps
    •     Introduction to Excel
    •     How things are organized
    •     A closer look at the ribbon
    •     Get going fast
    •     A first look at Excel 2016
    •     Save, publish, and share
    •     Share documents
    •     Work simultaneously with others on a workbook
    •     Improved version history
  •     Create your first worksheet
    •     Start using Excel
    •     Insert columns and rows
    •     Cell references
    •     Add formulas and references
    •     Copying formulas
    •     Advanced formulas and references
    •     AutoFill and Flash Fill
    •     AutoFill
    •     Flash Fill
    •     Password protect workbooks and worksheets
    •     Password protect workbooks and worksheets in detail
    •     Microsoft Search
  •     Layout and printing
    •     Save and print an Excel workbook
    •     Print worksheets and workbooks
    •     More print options
    •     Print a worksheet on a specific number of pages
    •     Print headings, gridlines, formulas, and more
    •     Freeze or lock panes
    •     Freeze panes in detail
    •     Basics actions in Excel
    •     How to create a table
    •     Functions and formulas
    •     Use slicers to filter data
    •     Drop-down lists
    •     Drop-down list settings
    •     Input and error messages
    •     Manage drop-down lists
    •     Sort and filter data
    •     Sort details
    •     AutoFilter details
    •     Advanced filter details
    •     Use conditional formatting
    •     Conditionally format dates
    •     Conditionally format text
    •     Copy and remove conditional formatting
    •     Create a chart
    •     Customize charts
    •     Create a combo chart
    •     Create pie, bar, and line charts
    •     Copy a chart
    •     Create a PivotTable and analyze your data
    •     Create a PivotTable report manually
    •     Sort, filter, summarize and calculate your PivoteTable data
  •     Basic functions
    •     Basic math
    •     Operator order
    •     Weighted average
    •     Average a group of numbers
    •     More complex formulas
    •     Using functions
    •     Advanced IF functions
    •     IFS
    •     Nested IF functions
    •     The SUMIF function
    •     AVERAGEIF function
    •     IF with AND and OR
    •     COUNTIFS and SUMIFS
    •     VLOOKUP: How and when to use it
    •     The nuts and bolts of VLOOKUP
    •     Copy a VLOOKUP formula
    •     Look up values on a different worksheet
    •     Add time
    •     Subtract time
  •     New features and tips
    •     Start with "Ideas" in Excel
    •     Automatic Data Entry in Excel
    •     One click Forecasting
    •     New Chart types
    •     Ink Equation
    •     SWITCH
    •     MAXIFS & MINIFS
    •     TEXTJOIN
    •     CONCAT
    •     Map Chart in Excel
    •     3D Maps
    •     Convert a picture into Data with Excel

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Learn more about Microsoft Excel

Excel spreadsheet no longer needs an introduction. This table processing solution has not stopped evolving over the years.

Through an advanced search for the uses of the tool, Microsoft has made the interface more accessible and the functionalities even richer. For a simple table as well as for the exploitation of large data, you can count on the computational, processing and advanced formatting capabilities of Microsoft Excel.

This app’s user-friendly interface gives easy access to the formula bar, the gridlines of columns and rows as well as tabs; A system that you may have already seen and experienced in other Microsoft applications. However, the logic of the navigation ribbon has been redesigned to be more logical: from left to right, you will find the categories of features, classified from the most used to the least used.

By becoming familiar with this tool, you gain time and efficiency on the basic uses of Microsoft Excel and in the processing of your data.