Yammer is a business social network that is part of Microsoft 365 and designed for company communication. It makes it possible to optimize the organization and to cultivate interactions. While most content is informative, Yammer also provides collaborative options to allow each employee to express themselves. 


What are the benefits of using Yammer in your business?  


Engaged communities  


Yammer allows the constitution of communities that users can come and join freely. It is used to disseminate tacit knowledge and answer questions within thematic groups. Users can share different resources such as documents, photos, videos, gifs, links, or live-streams. They can also use surveys to get quick answers. This network allows to build fluid and relevant interactions between communities around topics that users can study further. It is interesting for a company to use this network to collaborate with its prospects or customers on topics related to the company. 


Yammer, a tool to reinforce the corporate culture


Yammer is a great way to strengthen the corporate culture. This network can be used between colleagues through formal communities working on cross-cutting topics or more personal sharing. Yammer also makes it possible to share successes within a company and improve employee motivation. It also allows you to share failures, "lessons learned" to  allow teams to stop making the same mistakes. 


Our Yammer Community  


The MOOC Office 365 site has an engaged Yammer community. 


We can find: 

  • User questions about Microsoft 365 tools  
  • Announcements of new features on the MOOC Office 365 site but also updates  
    to Microsoft 365 tools 
  • Information on the dates and times of events on the MOOC Office 365  
    platform: Webinar, virtual classroom  
  • Questions and answers on tools to test your knowledge 
  • Tips and tricks about Microsoft 365 tools


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