Organizing tasks can sometimes be complex, with emails, meetings and presentations to prepare, projects to manage, and documents to write... and the list keeps growing!

Discover how Microsoft To Do can help you organize your workdays!

In this article, we introduce you to the Microsoft To Do application, its benefits, and the course that will enable you to use the tool effectively to create and manage your tasks all in one place!


What is the Microsoft To Do application?

Microsoft To Do is a task management application designed to help users stay organized and manage their daily tasks. Anyone can use Microsoft To Do to create shopping lists or to-do lists, take notes, save collections, plan an event, or set reminders to increase productivity and focus on what matters.

With Microsoft To Do, easily organize your day and stay focused on the essentials!

Benefits of Microsoft To Do:

  • Create your own tasks or import them from Outlook or Planner.
  • Create your own customized lists.
  • Share your lists and assign tasks to your collaborators.
  • Use intelligent and personalized suggestions.
  • Organize your tasks for your day.
  • Add deadlines and reminders.
  • Available everywhere, both at the office and on the go.



Want to learn more? Visit DiLeaP 365 with this "Microsoft To-Do" course!

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In this 100% e-learning course, you'll find a virtual classroom recording, our 20 video tutorials that demonstrate each of these features, and 1 quiz to test your knowledge!

In this training, you will discover the Microsoft To Do interface, create new tasks and task steps, and work with lists and groups. You'll also get an overview of smart lists. You'll learn how to set task reminders, due dates, and categorize tasks. The course also delves into list management, sharing a list, and assigning tasks to others in a team environment using Microsoft To Do.



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