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  • Aug 7, 2019
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Interview with our Office 365 Trainer: Fanny

In this first interview, discover Fanny’s profile.


Tell us about you: what is your name? Your zodiac sign? Your favorite dessert?

Hi, my name is Fanny Brice-Dufour, I am 22, I am a Sagittarius and I LOVE... every dessert!


Seriously, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

It's been 1 year that I have been a trainer at Mandarine Academy. I have a bachelor’s degree in Educational Sciences and have specialized in Adult Education although I have tried to find myself a lot during my studies. I did many things given that, originally. At first, I wanted to be a schoolteacher but, as time went on, I realized that I would develop more professionally with adults.


Before you entered Mandarine Academy and since you’ve worked here, what are the main points that attracted you to work with us?

One of the most important points that brought me here is the human aspect that is added to digital training. Usually, the word "Digital" is not particularly associated with "Human", but at Mandarine Academy they are complementary.


Fanny, what is your area of specialization?

I am an expert in office applications such as Word and Excel but also in collaborative tools such as Teams and SharePoint. Since I am an all-rounder, I also help in the creation of tutorials and other videos.


Why did you become a trainer? What do you like about it?

First of all, the human aspect. Our job is to transmit new skills and reassure users. Change can be really destabilizing for some users and our role is to help them better understand the different tools.


Do you have any comments or feedback from trainees about remote training?

They often tell us their professional lives will change thanks to our little tips. These feedback always confirm that we have chosen this profession because we like to share knowledge. These are the best comments we could get!


Among the topics on which you train users, which one is your favorite?

Definitely Teams! It's a great tool that hasn’t show all its potential yet. Be ready because it will soon become every company’s favorite tool!


Finally, which animal best symbolizes your job and why?

The butterfly, because it embodies change and transformation. Change management support must be carried out gradually to ensure a gentle metamorphosis.


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