Nowadays, digital technology is becoming a major part of training, but the human aspect remains essential for trainees of continuing training.

With this in mind, Mandarine Academy offers methods, even remotely, in which trainers are a central part of exchanges. But who are these shadowy figures that sometimes are in the spotlight? Discover our training team in this article.


Our Training Team!

Our educational team has varied origins since its members have different professional backgrounds. Their main common point is their willingness to transmit their knowledge and work to serve trainees, both in the design of digital content and in the organization of sessions. This desire to facilitate training has made it possible to build our wonderful team.


The team is organized in such a way that trainers can work on different topics and thus have varied tasks:
• Storyboard writing
• Multimedia approach to training
• Training design and organization (especially with decision makers)

With these diverse experiences, team members can help newcomers upgrade their skills and get familiar with new training topics.


Who Are They?

6 people are part of this team and have the capacity to deliver “human” training sessions in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish. Knowledge sharing and cross-support enables the variety of topics to keep increasing:
• Support on telephony
• Collaborative uses on office applications
• Electronic email management

Indeed, each team member is committed to providing comforting, pleasant and effective exchanges during training sessions for the learning community.

Would you like to know more about our training team? Watch our individual interviews (coming soon).


“Digitization” does not mean lack of human being: through the social aspect, Mandarine Academy continues to offer a range of support methods, on social networks such as Yammer, and also during on-site and remote live training sessions.

What about you? Will you bet on the human aspect to get your employees trained?

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