Organizing a recruitment is far from an easy and quick task. Broken down into several stages, the recruitment phase requires a diligent organization to choose the right candidate. Whether you're a dedicated team for this mission, or alone, here are some Microsoft 365 tools that will simplify your recruitment.


Step 1: Prepare the job description

To facilitate the publication of job descriptions, you can prepare a blank template in advance. Once this document is created, you just need to drag it into your enterprise SharePoint and block access to the people concerned.

Thus, each employee will be able, through the document library, to duplicate and modify this model with each new recruitment.


How do I create a document in SharePoint ?


Step 2: Create a confidential group

To discuss your recruitment campaign and debate each candidate, use the Yammer enterprise social network. Through it, you have the option to create a confidential group on which you can consult, comment and download various documents.

Yammer also provides real-time surveys, which is useful when gathering feedback from all decision-makers.


 How do i create a group in Yammer ?


Step 3: Organize interviews in your calendar

Your job description has generated a lot of applications, which you have carefully sorted with your colleagues, all you have to do is organize the upcoming interviews. To ensure the availability of each of your colleagues, you can use your Outlook calendar. It lets you view the attendees' calendars, indicates where there are conflicts, and suggests times when all of the attendees are free, thanks to an intelligent planning system.


Create an Outlook group to facilitate Office


Linked directly to Teams, you can easily send meeting invitations to colleagues and successful candidates or applicants.

In addition, Teams has the advantage of allowing users who do not have a Microsoft account to still join meetings. Indeed, thanks to a link, users can connect via their internet browser.


Step 4: Onboarding new employees

To facilitate the integration of new employees into your company, give them access to all the information they may need. To do this, you can give them access to the corporate Yammer, including the groups they have used.

Thanks to this manipulation, they will be able to consult the discussions before their arrival and communicate with the members of their team.


Coordinate a recruitment


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